Whole House Inspections

A Whole House Inspection is a forensic exercise and is primarily visual – and required to be non-intrusive.  The evaluation includes structural.  roofing system, exterior, interior, supply and waste plumbing, electrical, and heating and cooling components.

Though intended to be thorough, a 1.5 – 3 hour inspection cannot possibly be exhaustive.  Please review our service agreement for limitations.  Also, there are many other investigations which may be advisable which are outside the scope of a Whole House Inspection.  These include (but are not limited to) woodpest, private water supply, private septic system, mold and swimming pool evaluations.

You can and should expect to be appraised of any significant deficiencies in the building being evaluated.  Also, if it appears that further (expert level, specialized) inspections are advisable – you will be informed verbally and in the report.

DVS has your best interests in mind and welcomes follow up questions about the report.  It is advisable that you attend the inspection if at all possible, however.  That way you will have seen what the report describes and possibly gain some additional general knowledge about the property and its routine maintenance needs.

A standard* Whole House Inspection and radon testing combination is available for $350.

A standard Whole House Inspection alone is available for $275.

Pay at the time of the inspection and receive a $25 discount!

Call 574-210-7237 or write to donvila@aol.com to schedule.

*standard rates apply to homes with a single central heating system.  This is common to most homes.